Henné Powder

Sitarama Naturidea product

Henné Powder - Reflexant Colouring

Henna is a natural plant, it's 100% biodegradable and not testes on animals.

Henné Color is a real beauty treatment for your hair thanks to the properties of henna and natural extracts, that bring nutrients, colour your hair, giving reflections of light, and leave them bright and soft. The regular use will intensify colour results and the beauty and healthy of your hair, which will regain softness, shine and volume.

The powder obtained by grinding leaves and roots of henna is extremely appreciated by each woman to give beautiful reflections to the hair. It's also possible to obtain very different nuances, thanks to the mix with others colouring herbs giving a wide range of colours from black to red mahogany, from dark chestnut to golden blonde for a very different and personal light of colours.

Henna Powder reinvigorates the whole hair, bringing softness, suppleness, shine and volume to all them. It protects the hair fiber from the climatic damaging agents. Sitarama Henné Color covers gray hair, strengthens the hair's roots and generally improves your hair's health. Henna helps also people who suffer from psoriasis and dermatitis. According to laboratory test, Henna has also anti-fungal, anti seborrhoea and astringent virtues.

The main active substances contained in out Henné Color Colouring Powders are: henna (Lawsonia Inermis), Chamomile, Indigo, Walnut Hull, Rosemary, Cassia Italica. All the range that we propose has eudermic vegetable colouring, which are extracted from leaves or roots and for this are secure safety. Henna Powder Henné Color offer a wide palette of 7 colours.

For further information on the ingredients and use please click on our section "FAQ" 

Sitarama Naturidea product


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