Henné Nuance Colouring Cream

Sitarama Naturidea product

Henné Nuance Colouring Cream

The Henné Nuance is the new generation of natural reflaxants for a frequent use. It is a product that has paved the way to the current natural reflexant; it was presented for the first time in 1982 and it is still unmachted. This gentle products free from oxidant, ammonia, p-phenylenediamina (PPD), resocinol, synthetic fragrances, and heavy metals is enriched with henna extract, Henna extract in fact is a plant known for its nutrient and colouring properties regarding hair and scalp. It's a vegetable dye with antimicrobical and antioxidant properties and it is recognised as a real treatment of hair beauty.

The Henné Nuance is a 3 products in 1, beacuse it is a cream dye, a shampoo and also a conditioner after shampoo. Substances contained are derived from plants, not tested on animals and allow to obtain desired hues, witout damaging hairs.

These gentle colours respect the hair fibre for all hait types, even coloured. The hair structure remains unaltered and not discoloured. With Henné Nuance you will be able to cover those first grey hairs up to 100% , depending on the chosen colour. The results obtaind willl improve with the use of the Colouring Cream, in fact the colour cover tone on tone, gives semipermanent reflexes, and make your hairs soft, more vigorous and shine.

A real beauty of treatment for your hair thanks to the properties of henné and natural extracts, that bring nutrients, colour your hair, giving reflections of light, and leave them bright and soft. The regular use will intensify colour results and the beauty and healthy of your hair, which will regain softness, shine and volume.

Henné Nuance Colouring Cream offer a wide palette of 12 colours, enabling you to play with highlights according to your own wishes or to follow the latest trends. The colour will be more intense and richer in highlights., that will fade after 4/5 shampoos. You can also mix diffent colours to get a new nuance lighter or darker

Henné Nuance is a product with no preparation: just apply it to your hair and leave the coloring cream on 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the chosen result, then rinse with clear water. It is pleasing even from men to cover hair, beard and mustache. External use only. Do not use to colour eyelashes or eyebrows. May cause allergic reaction.

Fur further information on ingredients and use please click on our section“FAQ”

For your safety, indipendent specialised laboratories carry out microbiological tests on our products.

Sitarama Naturidea product


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