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Henné Color Hair Mascara

Hair Mascara “Express touch” are “make-up hair colours” made with henna extract for the hair. 

Avaible in 7 colours, it helps to obtain highlight effects on natural or coloured hair, or to touch up your hair colour.  These clever little products add style to your hair.
Very practical and easy to apply, they can be used at home and can even be slipped into your handbag for last minute application.  Stylish, fun… they offer so many different possibilities.  Combine different colours, try out quirky colours…  They cover up roots between two hair colours.  This is a new “hair makeup” product.

Use the applicator on a strand of hair or on your roots.  You can intensify the colour by renewing the application until the desired effect has been obtained.  Leave to dry a few minutes… and voila!

As with all our Henné Color hair colour products, the Hair Mascara are free from oxidants, ammonia, p-phenylenediamine ( PPD), synthetic fragrances, resorcinol and heavy metals.  Enriched with henna extract, they add suppleness, softness, volume and shine to the hair fibre. 

Our “Express Touch” Hair Mascara are suitable for all hair types. 

Why Use the Hair Mascara? 
When your hair are loosing your color, to cover regrowth and when you have no time to do another application of henna, this is the solution: ready in 15 minutes. Hair Mascara can be removed at the first wash, so it also suitable for teens to color single shades.

- For all types of hair
- Quick and easy application
- Without preparation, without rinsing
- Effect colored roots
- Ideal for coloring single shades 
- Covers gray hair
- Easy removal at the first wash

A good price: the selling price has been studied carefully and it is under the market average when compared to the quality.
Quality grade: Every single Hair Mascara is guaranteed and certified by a cosmetic laboratory.
With 15 ml applicator.

They must only be used on hair. External use only. Do not use on eyelashes or eyebrows. May cause an allergic reaction.
All our formulas are tested under medical supervision.

Sitarama Naturidea product


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