Natural Accessories for the Body

Sitarama Naturena product

Natural Accessories for the Body 

Based on natural plants

SISAL products

Sisal is a vegetable fiber obtained from Mexican agave, a succulent plant of the Agavaceae’s family, which grows in the Yucatan (Messico). It is so valued for its biodegradability, his stamina and his appearance. It is also deadening and antistatic.

The textile fiber is used to build ropes, twine, baskets, mats, hats and other handmade crafts. The Sisal (agave fiber) is appreciated for its biodegradability, resistance and appearance. It’s very resistant, absorbing and antistatic.

These products made by Sisal " the Guntlet"  and " the Strip"  are therefore completely natural and help to care your body, wellness and beauty. 


Ideal for shower: it stimulates circulation and cellular metabolism, tones the tissues, removes dead skin cells, helps prevent and improve cellulite and in case of ingrown hairs, implementing a therapeutic massage through a pleasant feeling of relaxation, leaving your skin radiant and soft.

LOOFAH products

The Luffa is a 100% natural fiber which is derived from the homonymous plant native of the South American regions. There are different species and many local varieties that belong to luffa. The luffa acuntangulata plant gives fruits with longitudinal grooves, and the luffa aegyptica (L.cilindrica)  gives fruits more compact and strong and have a uniform and regular diameter, so they are cultivated for the production of sponges.

Luffa is a natual plant belonging to the same family of pumpinks. It is valid alternative to the synthetic and marine sponges. In fact fishing the sea sponges alters the balance of marine environment and destroys the species, while the synthetic sponges are produced by a mix of polluting materials wich can cause also allergic reactions.

Luffa is not only a natural plant, but it is also completely biodegradable, and this means that it can lead to save up moneys for those who use it, because it lasts for a very long time and it can be used many times, and that it is not harmful for the environment, as it does not produce a huge amount of waste.

Practice, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, perfect for face and sensitive skin.

The use of the Luffa sponge during the shower or bath has an excellent and gently ability to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and simultaneously reactivating blood microcirculation. This translates into a real benefit and a concrete feeling of well-being, leaving the skin soft and bright.


These products made by Loofah “ Sponge Gauntlet " and "Oval Sponge anti-cellulite” are completely natural and designed for the health, care and beauty of your Body. 


* RESULTS: The Loofah and Sisal products stimulate circulation and cell metabolism, tone the tissues, remove dead skin cells, help prevent and improve the skin in case of cellulite and of ingrown hairs doing a therapeutic massage through a pleasant feeling of well being, leaving the skin soft and bright.

For further information on ingredients and their benefits see the section "FAQ"

Sitarama Naturena product


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