Hennè color product for hair care

Sitarama always for the quality of hair coloring

Hair dyeing products are divided into two broad categories:
contact dyes and oxidation dyes. The first do not penetrate into the skin and they come from natural origin (such as henna, tinting herbs,...), while the latest are chemical oxidation dyes (they need air to allow dyeing).

The first group includes our Henné Color Line, the best hennè on shop, with natural reflections products based on henna and other tinting plants: "Henné Color" henna powders, "Henna Nuance" ready-to-use coloring creams and hair mascara "Tocco Espresso" ".

The second category presents oxidation hair colors and they also can be divided again into: permanent and semi-permanent. The difference between the two is the used. The first are used exclusively by the professional hairdresser, while the semi-permanent dyes are tone-on-tone and are used as "do it yourself" directly by the consumer.

Our oxidation shades Naturidea tinta light in gel and Natural Premium permanent color cream are part of the semi-permanent ones.

'They are the lightest colors on the market and without ammonia, resorcinol and m.phenylenediamine have been designed specifically for the most demanding consumer and cover white hair from the first application.
Dermatologically tested.


Hennè coloration cream- ready to use

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