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- Why does your hair fibre age?

Whatever the age, the hair system ages as a result of external factors such as sun, chemical hair dyes, pollution, etc ... Hair ageing is also related to the body’s ageing process.

In both cases, ageing hair becomes porous, brittle, dull or thinner and has split end. This may sometimes lead to hair loss. Appropriate hair care is then required.


- My hair lacks volume and is difficult to style, what can I do?

The Naturena stimulating hair mousse is a no-rinse express hair care. Its light styling mousse is enriched with natural active ingredients with regenerating, softening, stimulating properties as well as providing UVA protection. Easy and pleasant to use, it can be used daily for more volume.


- I suffer from hair loss, what can I do?

The effects of the Naturena anti-ageing hair serum are visible from the fifth day of application. This hair care treatment improves the hair bulb anchors, allows a better penetration of the active ingredients and reduces hair loss. It is very easy to apply and only needs to be left for 5 minutes.

If the serum has no effect, seek medical advice for a more accurate diagnosis.


- I would like to hydrate my hair, what can I do?

The Naturena vital energy hair mask is a moisturising hair care. Its “double-action” hydrating active ingredient works throughout the hair fibre for immediate and long term effectiveness. For the preparation of this regenerating hair care treatment, we selected an active ingredient derived from sunflower seed that can repair the oxidative effects caused by UVA. As the texture of the vital energy mask is very pleasant, this hair care becomes a treat for your hair.


- How do I shampoo my hair?

As hair traps impurities, the first step for a successful shampoo is brushing to remove dirt and impurities from your hair.

Then apply a dose of Naturena Vitality Shampoo to wet hair. Distribute it evenly and carefully throughout your hair. Gently massage your scalp, using circular motions to activate microcirculation. Rinse thoroughly your hair under warm water followed by a final rinse with cool water. This last rinse will help tighten scales on the hair fibre for better colour and shine.

Using your Naturena Vitality Shampoo will also care for your hair.


- How often should I shampoo my hair?

Shampooing is an integral part of the hair beauty ritual. Its frequency varies according to your lifestyle, hair type and level of pollution in the environment in which you live Shampooing your hair 2 to 3 times a week is generally sufficient. The gentle formula of the Naturena Vitality Shampoo is free from SLSs, parabens and silicone. It contains anti-ageing active ingredient which protects your hair and scalp and treats many aspect of ageing hair.


- When should I use the Naturena Vitality Shampoo?

Naturena Vitality Shampoo hair care contains active ingredients with protective, softening and antioxidant properties. It helps fight many aspects of ageing hair. It can be used as often as desired and as a treatment.

Sitarama Naturena product
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