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How to use Henna powder? HENNE' COLOR POWDER

Introducing the product



Henna has been renowned since antiquity for its cosmetic and dermatological properties. Its protects the hair against external aggression, strengthening it, and leaving it supple, glossy and with good body.

Our powder colouring is a natural hair colour which strengthens your hair, leaving it more vigorous and healthy. It individualises your hair, by enhancing the deeper or lighter highlights of your natural hair colour and is not intended to allow you to change its colour radically.


Instructions for use

- You will need: a packet of NATURENA or HENNE COLOR powder, a container, a spoon, a comb, a towel.

- Tip the sachet of powder into the container. Add very hot water until a smooth paste is obtainer. Leave to cool.

- Wash and dry your hair. Put on protective gloves and drape the towel over your shoulders. Apply the paste strand by strand and massage into the scalp. Once the roots have been uniformly covered, work the shampoo all along the hair to the tips. Cover your head with the shower cap.

- Leave to act for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how deeply you want to colour your hair. To obtain ceeper colouring, dry your hair using a hair dryer or leave to act for longer.

- Rinse thoroughly to remove all trace of the paste.

Then shampoo your hair.

Our powder colourings provides lasting hair colouring, shampooing gradually removes the colour. If you use our powder colourings regularly, you will obtain increasingly intense and lasting colouring.


Before carrying out a complete application of our powder colourings, it is a good idea to carry out a tolerance test, because the powder will react differently, depending on your initial colour, the texture of your hair and any chemical treatments to which it has been subjected. You can apply our powder colourings after bleaching, preming or de-kinking. However, we recommend that you should wait at least 4 weeks before using our powder colourings and reduce the amount applied.

The colour is taken up more quickly by light-coloured hair. After examining the effect on your test strand, reduce the application time.

You can remove any traces of colour on your skin by wiping with soap or lemon juice on cotton wool.

Never attempt to colour your eyelashes or eyebrows. Avoid contact with the eyes, but if it is splashed into your eyes, rinse with plenty of warm water. Use on a healthy scalp (not irritated or injured). Keep out of reach of children. External use only.

Our powder colourings consist of a mixture of plants and the colour of the powder is not indicative if the final colour obtained.

Do not bleach your hair after applying our powder colourings, Black powder is suitable only for use on black or dark brown hair.

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