The hair dying Naturidea is the result of last research that have succeeded in formulating an innovative product that ensures a warm, bright and natural color to hair with a protective and restructuring action.
Our Naturidea dye gel for tone on tone hair is enriched by vegetable extracts of olive leaves, that have important nutritive and emollient capacity, by mountain tea (wintergreen), known for its soothing, astringent and bacteriostatic characteristics, by sesame oil, recognized for its emollient, polishes, fabric softeners features and for being without ammonia, resorcinol and m.fenilendiamina.

The Naturidea line consists of 31 colors that are resistant to washing.

Main Ingredients:
Extract of olive leaves: very rich in unsaponifiables principles, minerals, lipids and vitamins. It s a very important ingredient for its nutritional and emollient characteristics.
Mountain tea extract (wintergreen): Known for its soothing, astringent and bacteriostatic features.
Sesame oil: recognized for its emollient, polishing, softening and protective qualities for hair structure.

Naturidea without ammonia, resorcinol and m.phenylenediamine is a new and fresh idea to cover and improve your hair; it is the maximum for the protection of hair structure.

• Intense colors and natural
• Protective action and restructuring
• It perfectly covers gray hair
• It does not damage the hair
• It does not drizzle
• It keeps the hair soft and healthy
• Long-lasting coloring 

Fur further information on ingredients and use please click on our section 'FAQ'

For your safety, indipendent specialised laboratories carry out microbiological tests on our products.

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