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Henna powder Copper

Henna Powder vegetable dye gr. 100

Henna is a natural plant, 100% biodegradable and not tested on animals.
Henné Color is a real beauty treatment for hair; Henna is ideal for those who have fine and wear hair; it helps to strengthen the scalp and root bulbar and to invigorate and protect all the part of hair.

Henna helps people who suffer from psoriasis and dermatitis. According to laboratory tests, henna has also antifungal and astringent virtues. Henna renews the natural hair color, it help to cover those first grey hairs and a head of hair with up to 50% of grey hairs depending on the chosen color. The color will be more intense and richer in highlights, that will diminish after 4/5 shampoos.

This is pure henna, which in some areas used to color and draw therapeutic benefits on hands and foot, or as a coms on the whole body to cleanse the skin.

You can also mix different colors to get a new nuance lighter or darker.

Henné Color respects the structure of your hair, the end result depend on their starting color. You will get a particular color, rich in changing reflections. Use the table to choose the Henna dye Color highlighting powder that will enhance your hair. This product without oxidation cannot lighten your hair. Easy to use: just add boiling water to the powder vegetable dye and mix. Once warmed the preparation, apply from root to tip.

For further information on ingredients and their benefits see the section “FAQ”


Il miglior henné mogano in assoluto
Ho usato Henné Sitarama Mogano quando avevo 15-16 anni e i miei capelli erano di una lucentezza, morbidezza e tonalità mogano naturale mai viste prima. La peculiarità di questo prodotto, è che rispetto agli altri (biondo, biondo rame, castano, rame), fornisce un rivestimento di colore più consistente, con conseguente migliore protezione e rafforzamento della fibra capillare. Infine, il delicato profumo di lavanda della composizione, sprigiona i suoi benefici effetti aromaterapici durante l’applicazione. Prodotto insostituibile!



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