Nuance Acajou - Red Mahogany


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Henné Color Coloring Cream Acajou - Red Mahogany
Henna in Cream ready to use - G140 Bottle of 90 ml.
For a gentle and frequent colouring Henne Nuance colors the hair respecting the hair fibre, the hair structure remains unaltered. It hide those first grey hairs and cover heads up to 100% of gray hairs, color tone on tone and gives semipermanent reflexes that will fade after 4-5 shampoos.
Henna is a vegetable tinting, has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Its effect brings suppleness, shine and volume to your hair and a easier styling. Our Henna Colouring Cream are free from oxidants, ammonia, p-phenylendiamine (PPD), resorcinol, synthetic fragrances and porfumes and heavy metals.
The substances are derived from plants, not tested on animals and allow to obtain desired shades, curing the hair. The regular use will intensify colour results and the beauty of your hair. The result obtained depends on your color hairs.
Easy and ready to use. No need preparation; just apply toyour hair and leave it on 20 to 40 min. The Henna Coloring Cream are 2 in 1 product, a hair colouting and a conditioner. They can be used on all types of natural or coloured hair. 

Consult the colour chart to guide in your choise. This coloring without oxidation can not lighten your hair.
Kit containing a 90ml bottle with an applicator top, 1 cap, 1 pair of disposable gloves, 1 instructions leaflet
Application Wash your hair with neutral Henné Color Hair care shampoo made with organic henna with its gentle, silicone-free formula, then wring out your hair. Put on the gloves and place a towel on your shoulders. Apply the cream to the roots, strand by strand, then apply homogenously over the entire head of hair to the tips. Cover you hair with the cap. Waiting time 20 to 40 min according to desired intensity. Then Rinse With warm water until the water runs clear. 
Usage precautions: Our henna is carefully selected and checked, guaranteed free from heavy metals and p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) that can cause certain henna tattoos to lead to serious allergies. For your safety, independent specialised laboratories carry out microbiological tests on our products. Our henna is incorporated to enable easy application and optimised colour results. All of our formulas are tested under medical supervision. 
Our Henné Color Henna colouring creams are suitable for all hair types. You can apply the Henné Color Henna colouring cream after a hair decolouration, perm or straightening treatment. However, we recommend waiting a week and reducing the waiting time. Hair that is already coloured is porous and fixes hair colour faster. The resulting shade will be brighter. You can clean any traces left by hair colour on your skin by rubbing it with a cotton pad moistened with a little soap and/or shampoo. You can keep any leftover product in the bottle for another application. 
We recommend testing the chosen hair colour before first use on a strand of hair to check the result, which depends on the hair’s initial colour and state (coloured or permed hair). Depending on how sensitive your skin, certain ingredients can provoke allergic reactions Carry out a patch test 48 before use. The hair colour must not be used on sensitive or wounded scalps. It must not be applied to eyelashes or eyebrows. For external use only. 
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